General FAQ

*    Kids under age of 2 may enter for free. However, no seats are provided and will need to sit with the parents/guardians, preferably on their laps..
*    Kids above the age of 2 will require a ticket to enter.
*    Max Cinemas reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Only food and beverages purchased from Max Cinemas concession counters are allowed to be brought into the cinema halls.

* Customers can place their outside food and beverage with the usher staff at the ticket tearing point
* Food and beverage purchased from Max Cafe is not allowed into the cinema hall. 

These efforts are in place to keep the halls as clean as possible, we thank you for your cooperation.

Movies are rated by "Lembaga Penapisan Filem" the censorship board of Malaysia. 
Age restrictions must be adhered to at all times for the safety of children.
* U - General viewing for all ages.
* P13 - Parental Guidance is advisable for children under age of 13. Parents / Guardian must be accompanying the child throughout the movie
* 18 - Only for audiance above the age of 18. Movie contains elements of Violance, horror, sex, politics, religion, counter-culture etc.

Customers are advised to check the rating of movies before purchasing tickets as tickets sold are not refundable.

Customers are advised not to record or take pictures inside the cinema during the movie as it is illegal.

Content are protected under MPAA rules and regulations and International bodies. In Malaysia the law states as follows:

It is a criminal offence based on Copyright Act, Section 43a: "Any person who operates an audiovisual recording device in a screening room to record any film in whole or in part shall be guilty of an offence and shall on conviction be liable to a fine of not less than ten thousand ringgit and not more than one hundred thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or to both."

The ticket collected at the counter and E-Ticket has to be shown / scanned at the tearing point by the our usher/staff.

* E-Tickets may contain concession purchase records, these items has to be collected at the concession before entering the cinema hall.

Tickets & Concession FAQ

Movie tickets and concession items can be purchased at the counters in the cinema lobby or online thru

* To purchase online, the customer must register an account first.
* Before completing payment either at counter or online, please check your ticket details such as Movie Title, Seat Selection, Date and Time as purchases are not refundable.

Customers can make online purchases for Movie tickets and concession combo items via website.

Our website is responsive and designed to work on Desktop computers and Mobile web browsers.

* Customers must register and complete profile information before being able to purchase.
* Customers must be logged in during the purchase.

For Online Purchase we accept the following:
* Debit or Credit cards (Cards that has Visa or Mastercard logo), some banks may require users to register for "Verified by Visa" or "MasterCard SecureCode" for security reasons before the ATM card can be used for online purchases. Please refer to the bank on how to register for the above mentioned.
* Internet banking facilities (Maybank2U, CIMBClicks, AmOnline (AmBank), Hong Leong Online, allianceonline,, RHB Bank, Bank Islam)

For Walk-In Counter Purchase we accept the following:
* Debit or Credit cards (Cards that has Visa or Mastercard logo)
* Cash

At this time we do not have facilities for e-wallet / e-pay or Paypal.

1. Transaction failed during payment/check out process.
    * If payment failed during transaction but you were charged for the ticket, or
    * Double charge on the same transaction

    E-Mail us at with the following details:    

    - Full Name
    - Email address registered for your online accounts.
    - Mobile Number
    - Last 4 digits of your Credit/Debit card number
    - Issuing bank
    - Transaction date and time
    - Amount charged
    DO NOT PROVIDE any additional information that has not been requested.

2. Transaction failed before payment process.
    * If you have not reached the payment page, but was informed that the purchase has failed, you may retry.
    * This could be due to the seat selected was already purchased by another user moments before your selection

3. Did not receive e-ticket after payment made.
    Please wait 10 to 15 minutes for an e-mail notification or the e-ticket to appear in your booking history/upcoming movies page.

    If you still didnt receive your e-ticket, E-Mail us at with the following details        

     - Full Name
     - Email address registered for your online accounts.
     - Mobile Number
     - Transaction date and time
     - Movie booking details (Title, Show Time, Date)

As efforts are made to provide the best possible service, Max Cinemas may cancel shows for movies at any given time on either one of the following reasons:
* Technical fault with equipment (Unable to show movie)
* Facility fault (Airconditioning, plumbing, electrical, lighting or seats)
* Content issue's (Movie corruption or Key validity)

Customers may apply for refunds if any of the above was experienced.

By default, our staff will arrange the following:
* All walk-in customers will be refunded with cash value at the counter.
* Collect information from online purchase customers and will be refunded via online facility within 14 working days.
* For online purchase cutomers, you may also e-mail us at to process the refund

Auditorium & Reservation FAQ

Our cinema consist of 4 halls with a capacity of 63 to 77 seats each.

Projection: We utilise DCI Compliant cinema projection equipment that is capable of 2D/3D projection at 2K Resolution.
Sound: We utilise MAG Sound system from Ukraine with Dolby sound processors, and our system is configured for Dolby Digital Surround 7.1 system.

For inquiries on booking whole auditorium or to utilise our facilities for other functions do e-mail us at

* Corporate Events
* Training / Seminars
* Parties and more.

We offer different prices for tickets based on the time of day:
Everyday except Wednesday: 
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM = RM 12
5:00 PM - Closing = RM 14

All Day = RM 11
* Blockbuster rated movies = RM 14

Online Data FAQ

In order to purchase movie tickets, concession items, view purchase history, membership and perform transactions via our website; you are required to register an account.

We currently offer 2 methods to create an account.
* E-Mail registration, you will provide an e-mail address that is acessible to you and set a password which is unique for the online account.
   We advise that you do not use the same password as other services as a safety precaution.
   A confirmation E-Mail will be sent to the address registered for verification and activation purposes.

* Facebook registration, you simply register by using login with social media "facebook button".
   As you will be giving permission to Max Cinemas via facebook, there will be no confirmation and activation e-mail to your address.

Upon registring an account, you will need to make sure your Profile data is completed before making purchases. Your profile information is important for purchase verification usage.

As we provide the online services to ease customers for purchasing online, we are required to collect certain information from you or via your facebook account.

The information that we collect is as follows:
* Profile Picture
* First and Last Name
* Birthday
* Gender
* Address, State and Country of residence.
* Email address
* Mobile contact number

Please note that we do not keep any further personal information from you or your social media account.

When performing transactions online, we will keep record of the purchases for accounting and verification purposes.

Please refer to our privacy policy for further details.

Customers who have an online account may purchase movie tickets and consession items online:
* We utilise a payment gateway provider to perform the transactions
* We facilitate Credit, Debit and FPX (Online Banking) Payments only at this time.

Please refer to our terms and conditions for further details